Nazareth House

Directions To Nazareth House

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Magnificat Center
1103 S. 9th Street

Nazareth House Office
1103 S. 9th Street

Going North toward Temple on I-35

Take the Ave H exit. When on the access road you will come to one stoplight (57th Street) which you will go through. Continue on the access road going East. A few blocks down, take a slight right onto Ave H; there is no stop sign at this intersection.

Once on Ave H, the streets crossing it will be odd numbers. There are 2 major cross streets with lights. The first is 31st Street and the second is 25th Street. Go through both of those and continue on until you get to 9th Street. Turn right and go down 2 blocks. St Mary's Church will be on the left at the end of the second block.

NAZARETH HOUSE and MAGNIFICAT CENTER are at 1103 So 9th Street, right across from the church in the beginning of the 3rd block on the left.

Going South toward Temple on I-35

Take the Ave H exit. Once on the access road, take a left on Ave H which is shortly after you get off the highway. Once on Ave H follow the above directions to get to Magnificat Center and Nazareth House.